Amplify the appeal of your travel prize

Using additional experiences to amplify the appeal of your travel prize

Our recent case study offers a glimpse into how our promotional agency, Protravel, part of the Sodexo family, used additional experiences to help health and fitness supplement specialists SCI-MX deliver a successful interactive promotion through their travel competition. Aware of our expertise in delivering first-rate travel experiences, SCI-MX came to us directly with a considerable budget…

How Protravel helped SCI-MX to boss their fitness campaign

How Protravel helped SCI-MX to boss their fitness campaign

In our latest case study we give an insight into how SCI-MX used a travel competition to pull off a brilliant sales promotion with the help of our promotional agency, Protravel, part of the Sodexo family. When it comes to marketing your brand, an experiential reward like a travel competition can certainly help you stand…

travel trends

8 key consumer travel trends (infographic)

Customers are every brand’s secret weapon when it comes to marketing success, and pleasing them should be your ultimate goal. They should be the driving force behind everything you do. From social media channels and campaign touch points to promotion prizes and new products, understanding what they need and how to reach them will help…

travel promotion

Make a splash with your travel promotion: 6 steps to success

It’s a growing challenge for brands to effectively make an impact on today’s consumers. In a sea of noise, lacklustre promotional campaigns are quickly overshadowed by those with an innovative, tactical approach. But there’s no reason why your campaign shouldn’t make an impact too! With travel and experience days growing in popularity, there’s no time…

All hands on deck: designing a first class travel promotion

Marketing dominates our everyday lives and exposes consumers to incredible content on a daily basis. Brands face stiff competition, both online and off, to find new and innovative ways to attract consumers and create positive associations. Demand to travel and uncover new destinations is fierce, with consumers engaging more with brands that offer travel experiences….