Using additional experiences to amplify the appeal of your travel prize

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Our recent case study offers a glimpse into how our promotional agency, Protravel, part of the Sodexo family, used additional experiences to help health and fitness supplement specialists SCI-MX deliver a successful interactive promotion through their travel competition.

Aware of our expertise in delivering first-rate travel experiences, SCI-MX came to us directly with a considerable budget and an exciting brief. Due to the value of the prize, this was one of the brand’s biggest competitions to date.  

SCI-MX’s interactive promotion required people to submit videos (maximum 30 seconds) of themselves doing unique and inspiring activities, in or out of the gym, that showcased their own physical capabilities.


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Incentivising interaction

The promotional incentive needed to pack a punch and really grab the attention of the consumer, if entry levels were going to satisfy presumptive expectations. And so, Protravel took on the challenge of coming up with a relevant, engaging prize that would tick all the boxes.

We came back with a shortlist of ideas that included Ibiza, Muscle Beach in Santa Monica and Miami on Florida’s famous Gold Coast. Each prize concept was engineered to deliver experiences that SCI-MX’s target demographic would relish.

After careful consideration, Ibiza was chosen as the ideal prize. When Brits spent a massive £3.5 billion during their trips abroad in 2015 (9.8% higher higher than in 2014), the demand to do more on holiday has definitely emerged as a major consumer travel trend. (ONS)

The Ibiza short haul trip, popular with young party goers, allowed SCI-MX to stretch their budget to include additional experiences that would augment the overall appeal of the prize.


No half measures

Once the brand had settled on the ideal prize, we set about doing what we do best – pulling together a trip that would turn heads and incentivise action from the consumer.

Because after all, the aim was to get the audience to pick up their smartphones, tablets and video cameras, and get filming!

The holiday, which consisted of a 7 night stay in a 4* Platinum Club Bahamas hotel in Playa Den Bossa, Ibiza, was planned and executed by Protravel to a tee. But it didn’t stop there.

In our mission to deliver something special, we went in search for of premium experiences with that exclusive feel. The all-inclusive getaway was tailored to include some unforgettable experiences that went above and beyond the generic beach holiday.


The finalists were so enthused



Winners received tickets for the Aguamar water park and were given the chance to party down and sail away on the Beautiful People boat party. Using our close connections, we were also able to organise exclusive entry into world renowned nightclub Pure Pacha, and their decadent cabaret event Paris By Night.

Things certainly weren’t done in half measures and the resulting prize was a testament to this.


Going the extra (air) mile…

Finding the perfect destination for your travel prize is only half the battle. Delivering an unforgettable getaway takes creativity and a keen eye for what will delight your audience.

By including additional experiences, we were able to heighten the perceived value of a prize that already exuded multiple synergies with the target audience and, thus, motivate more consumers to engage with SCI-MX’s promotion.

With a high number of entrants, and an extremely desirable prize to boot, the brand – who had set out to bulk-up brand awareness and engagement (rather than prioritising a sales drive) – saw greater levels of interaction from customers, not only throughout the promotion, but also once the competition had closed.


Find everything you need to know about this promotional campaign, the use of experiences to amplify the appeal of travel prizes and Protravel’s involvement (plus much more) in our latest case study: How SCI-MX bossed their fitness campaign and bulked up brand awareness.


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