Filmology takes the power of the cinema industry and the glitz and glamour of the movie business and uses it to change the way that people behave. We work with Brands, their assigned marketing agencies and HR departments to develop sales promotions and reward programmes that drive sales, increase profits and motivates employees to do more.

What We Do

Cinema Vouchers

Give someone a pair of Cinema vouchers and you’ve instantly given them a complete night out. Filmology have vouchers for all the leading names in cinema, right across the UK and throughout Europe, so if you’re looking to develop a team incentive or design a spectacular consumer promotion that’ll really make them eager to participate, you’ve come to the right place.

Cinema Voucher Promotions Cinema Vouchers for Reward

Film Promotions

Developing a strategy to position your brand comprehensively and effectively is no easy task. Many companies are using a partnership with a major movie release as a positioning plan, aligning the film’s core values with their own to achieve in an instant what might take years to enjoy by any other means.

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Choosing a prize or reward for your next sales promotion or employee motivator is the fun part (especially if you’ve picked cinema!). Of course there are lots of other things to consider and we’re on hand to assist with every aspect of your next cinema ticket promotion.

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Our Work

For over 30 years we’ve been helping an incredible amount of famous name brands (and some smaller ones too), design and deliver some pretty extraordinary promotional campaigns. Take a look at some of our work; we know you’ll be impressed.

20th Century Fox promotion free cinema tickets

20th Century Fox

Peperami cinema ticket promotion


E1 entertainment incentive

E1 Entertainment

Kaspersky holiday competition with software purchase


Santander MasterCard promotion



Sony Home Entertainment 241 cinema promotion

Sony Pictures

Spongebob Movie promotion with Toys R Us

Spongebob & Toys R Us

Standard life opportunity to win free cinema tickets

Standard Life

The Guardian online promotional offer for cinema tickets

The Guardian

LEGO & Toys R Us cinema partnership

Toys R Us & LEGO

Warburtons Paddington Movie promotion with child's cinema tickets

Warburton’s & Paddington

Carphone Warehouse

Disaronno & Sainsbury’s

P&O Ferries

Bokomo Otees

Brioche Pasquier

Britvic & BHS

Cambridge Primary Care Trust

Chitter Chatter

Daily Mail

Entertainment One Film Distributors







Jameson’s Whiskey

Jersey Telecom

Living Social Cinema Tickets



Money Expert

Money Supermarket

Muller Yoghurt (Blue Chip Marketing)

Namco Bandai – Germany

McDonald’s Golden Chances

Now TV & Edenred


O2 (Brand and Deliver)

Namco Bandai UK (Quantum Loyalty Solutions)

Phones4U Samsung cinema promotion

Phones 4U & Samsung Galaxy Ace

Pizza Hut

Renault logo

Renault (Pulse Group)

Carphone Warehouse Cineworld cinema ticket promotion free vouchers

Simply Tap Mobile

SBI free cineworld cinema tickets

State Bank of India

Staysure cinema promotion


Cineworld The Sunday Times cinema promotion

The Sunday Times

Superdrug cinema promotion prize


T mobile cinema competition

T-Mobile (Elvis)

Odeon free cinema tickets film promotion

The Mirror & Universal Pictures

Man of Steel toshiba movie promotion partner


Spongebob Movie Toys R Us promotion partner

Toys R Us

Turtle wax branding cinema promotion for Transformers movie

Turtle Wax & Halfords

Fast-&-Furious cinema promotion

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Sunday Times free cinema ticket film promotion

The Sunday Times

vodafone free cinema pass promotion


Wowcher cinema promotion free cineworld tickets

Wowcher (Associated Newspapers)

Isle of Wight Ferries

Cineworld pruhealth cinema promotion

Prudential Health

Peperami logo
Mastercard branding
Toys R Us branding
Toys R Us branding
Mastercard branding
Mastercard branding
Muller branding
Bandai branding
NOW TV branding
Bandai branding
Phones 4 U branding
Pizza Hut branding
Renault logo
Simply Tap branding
Bank of India branding
Staysure branding
Superdrug branding
T-Mobile branding
Daily Mirror branding
Toshiba branding
Toys R Us branding
Universal branding
Vodafone logo
Wowcher branding
Pruhealth logo

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