About Us

It’s a fact! Everyone loves a trip to the movies. Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like a night out at the cinema to see the latest Blockbuster, Rom Com or Horror epic? The answer is most probably ‘no’.

Filmology’s business model is simple. We buy a mahoosive number of tickets from the UK’s leading cinema chains (and hundreds of smaller ones too), and pass on the discounts to our customers, allowing them to do some pretty stupendous things with them. Whether it’s a Brand Manager running a sales promotion that encourages shoppers to buy more products with the promise of a pair of free tickets; or an HR Director rewarding an employee’s hard work with a complimentary night out, we know through experience that cinema tickets are well received by anyone who gets them.

Our knowledge of the cinema industry is unparalleled. Filmology have helped hundreds of brands, companies, schools, clubs and institutions use cinema tickets to positively change the way that people behave. In addition, our enviable connection with the film industry means that we’re able to work with some of the most famous movie titles this side of Hollywood too.

Filmology has been on an exciting brand journey since joining forces with Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services UK in November 2014. Find out more about incredible journey and when we’ll be launching our new portfolio to the market.