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Showcasing 5 consumer trends in cinema

Cinema is appealing to a more diverse group of consumers than ever before, making it an attractive platform for most brands to utilise. This is why we decided to take a closer look at its full potential in our recent whitepaper Changing Behaviour with the Power of Cinema. To ensure you reach and engage your…

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Cinema promotions and the four key questions you need to ask

Even in a world dominated by screens, platforms and evolving devices, the big screen remains unique in its appeal and power to engage a diverse range of demographics. In fact, the cinema industry enjoyed one of the best years to date in 2015. With more consumers looking to cinema for a unique, immersive and entertaining…

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Six reasons you should premiere your cinema promotion in 2016

The world is becoming more and more multi-screen orientated, with a growing demand for brands to offer improved experiences whilst tapping into the need for the latest technological advancements. This makes cinema arguably one of the most appealing platforms to today’s consumers. This is why we decided to take a closer look at the influence…

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Why employee rewards are an organisation’s trump card

Rewarding and incentivising employees can play a valuable role in attracting, recruiting and retaining a productive and talented workforce. We asked Lynn Griffin-Pearce, Resourcing and Reward Consultant at Nottingham City Council (NCC), why its comprehensive employee benefits package, including its discounted cinema tickets, is proving so popular in a time of austerity…   Q: In…

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Behind the scenes: How Virtual Reality is changing film

Virtual reality (VR) featured heavily at the iconic Sundance Film Festival in January 2016, and in April, New York’s esteemed Tribeca Film Festival showcased 23 VR exhibits and interactive installations.  The Guardian also recently reported that, “VR as a film-making tool” appears to be “fully fledged”. We decided to put two experts on the spot…

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5 reasons why rewarding employees makes business sense

As Sir Richard Branson told, Virgin’s employees are the company’s top priority. “It should go without saying, if the person who works at your company is 100 percent proud of the brand and you give them the tools to do a good job and they are treated well, they’re going to be happy. “If…


Why gift cards and cinema tickets create happy employees

The gift card and stored value market is worth over £5bn a year (source: UK Gift Card and Voucher Association (UKGCVA)). We ask Gail Cohen, Director General of the UKGCVA and formerly Marketing and Audience Director for the British Film Institute (BFI), why this is a valuable tool for employers when it comes to employee…

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Why do major FMCG brands continue to rely on cinema promotions?

From Basmati rice brand, Tilda, to snack producer, Peperami, fast food chain Burger King, and confectionary giant, Mars, FMCG companies have long been benefiting from running cinema ticket promotions, but why do these partnerships work so well and prove so enduring? We take a look…   Burger King has repeatedly turned to cinema Perhaps the…