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The Death of Cinema? Yeah right…

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5 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Cinema Promotion Partner

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Survey Finds that Work-life Balance is #1 Priority

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Films to Watch in 2015

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The Death of Cinema? Yeah right…

Some things don’t change, do they? Summer holidays are upon us, the UK heatwave is over, the football season is a month away and yet another year is flying by. Life’s tough, isn’t it? I’ve recently spent quite a lot of time listening to and learning from some very smart people. Some are a little…


How to Make your Staff Feel Like Superstars

The best and most successful businesses will always say that their most important asset is their staff and savvy HR managers understand just how important it is to keep teams happy, enthusiastic and motivated. Everyone appreciates a thank you for a job well done and rewarding your team with cinema tickets is a great way…