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Do you want more people to buy your product or your staff to stay with your company for longer? If you’re objective is to change the behaviour of your customers or employees then you’ve come to the right place.

As you might expect we love the movies, but we’re not the only ones! Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like going to the cinema? The answer is most probably ‘no’. Turn that into a free or discounted trip to see the latest release and you’ve got yourself a powerful motivator.

For over a decade we have been harnessing the power of cinema and film to create innovative, imaginative and successful sales promotions, marketing campaigns and employee incentives for brands as diverse as Kraft, Ford, Mars, Samsung, Nokia, Sony and many, many more!

Cinema Vouchers

Give someone a pair of Cinema vouchers and you’ve instantly given them a complete night out. Filmology have vouchers for all the leading names in cinema, right across the UK and throughout Europe, so if you’re looking to develop a team incentive or design a spectacular consumer promotion that’ll really make them eager to participate, you’ve come to the right place.

Cinema Voucher Promotions Cinema Vouchers for Reward

Film Promotions

Developing a strategy to position your brand comprehensively and effectively is no easy task. Many companies are using a partnership with a major movie release as a positioning plan, aligning the film’s core values with their own to achieve in an instant what might take years to enjoy by any other means.

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Choosing a prize or reward for your next sales promotion or employee motivator is the fun part (especially if you’ve picked cinema!). Of course there are lots of other things to consider and we’re on hand to assist with every aspect of your next cinema ticket promotion.

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Whether you've got a fully prepared brief that you'd like us to take a look at, or you'd just like to talk through some outline ideas, the expert team here at Filmology are here to help. Get in Touch