5 wellness experiences to vitalise your next travel prize

The influence of health and wellbeing on contemporary travel experiences is clear for all to see. Tourists are on the hunt for alternative, wellness-centric trips that alleviate stress and rejuvenate both mind and body.

Brands can piggyback this consumer movement, with travel prizes that not only align with this trend, but go above and beyond to deliver the experiences the wellness audience craves.

Stuck for ideas?

Hot off the press: our eBook Resetting the Mind: How to Use Diverse Wellness Travel Experiences to Influence Consumer Decisions is packed with incredible wellness escapes! Here’s our pick of the bunch to inspire your next promotional marketing campaign prize…


1) The Sleep Retreat

Less of a tourism trend, and more of a disconcerting health trend – sleep deprivation is a growing issue among adults. In fact, the UK population is estimated to be missing out on a night’s worth of sleep every week (Royal Society for Public Health).


“Getting enough sleep makes up a vitally important component of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.”


Hit the snooze button

Despite being ranked the second most important activity for health (behind not smoking), 54% of people report feelings of stress due to insufficient sleep – and when “…over half the global business population has experienced an appreciable rise in workplace stress in recent years. (The Global Wellness Tourism Economy report) – it’s no wonder modern lifestyles are leaving many people time poor and exhausted…

So with both mental and physical health in the spotlight – what can wellness tourism do?   

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Forty winks doesn’t cut it…

London’s Corinthia Hotel offers up the Mindful Sleep Retreat, encouraging guests to ‘arrive and revive’ – which sounds like music to our ears!


“Anxieties are soothed and an uninterrupted, blissful night’s sleep awaits.”


As part of this wellness journey, guests enjoy a day of sleep inducing activities aimed at achieving complete physical and emotional relaxation:

  • Mindful Sleep Ritual
  • Overnight Stay in an Executive King Room
  • Dinner and Breakfast from the Sleep Menu
  • Unlimited access to the Thermal Floor, Gym and unique Sleep Pods


2) The Treehotel

If you’re looking for a quirky health and wellbeing travel prize, you can probably call a halt to your search. As we mentioned in our recent report Exploring Travel: 69% of people are planning to try a new travel experience in 2016 (TripBarometer) with this trend set to continue – and you can bet your bottom dollar the majority of people haven’t been in a tree-top sauna!

‘Travelers are increasingly seeking exotic, off-the-beaten path destinations’ (Center of Responsible Travel). Body and mind treatments are at the top of many a to do list as consumers attempt to unearth the ultimate wellness getaway.


Sweating from the tree-tops

We’d better venture to Sweden then…


“Treehotel is located in the tall pine forest with spectacular views of the Lule River. The tree rooms are suspended 4-6 metres above the ground and are accessible by ramp, bridge or electric stairs.”


Not only does the hotel offer up remarkable treetop accommodation that’s worthy of any travel prize, the trip can also be paired with amazing summer and autumn activities such as:

  • Moose Safari
  • Tree Sauna
  • Northern Lights Photography
  • Kayaking
  • Dog sledding

…the list goes on and on!


The list of options are endless


3) Temazcal

The Global Wellness Institute lists Temazcal as one of the most sought after wellness experiences right now. The demand for this ancient Mayan treatment is due to the seemingly drastic results that come from an immersion of body, mind and spirit.


An authentic experience


“After thousands of years healing indigenous peoples, the ancient Mexican practice of temazcal (an elaborate ritual played out in an igloo-like structure, where a trained shaman uses heat, steam, aromatic herbs, and ancient prayers and chants to connect people with forces of the physical and spiritual world) is the latest manifestation of travelers seeking out authentic wellness offerings. It’s a transformational mind-body experience, and a star example of how travelers are questing after more indigenous, intensive and “anthropological” spirituality at wellness resorts (rather than a generic variety).” Susie Ellis, Global Wellness Institute


Retreats such as Xinalani (near the Mexican city of Puerto Vallarta) take visitors through what is considered an intense, indigenous ritual – rather than a spa treatment. A ritual that challenges the senses and leaves those who experience it feeling reborn.


4) Holistic Cooking and Healthy Eating

Social media has been linked to the growth of veganism and vegetarianism – with the number of vegans in the UK rising by 350% since 2006 (and counting). Networks such as TeenVGN and, the rather more mainstream, Instagram are providing a platform from which people can raise awareness and share their alternative approaches to cooking.

People have never been so conscious of the effects of a bad diet, and there’s a willing audience ready to reverse poor eating habits in order to improve their health.


Cooking up the calm

Dietary awareness is at an all time high and the popularity of holistic cooking courses has grown considerably. This modern health trend has led to the creation of wellness getaways such as the International Macrobiotic School (IMS).


“This school is about empowering people to create and maintain health and happiness using the enriching alchemy of macrobiotic cooking as a central way of creating physical health, along with emotional and mental balance.”


Back to school

While the IMS’ main focus is on holistic dietary health, they also offer a number of other wellness classes that are aimed at self-development.

The short courses on offer include:

  • Love Health, Love Cooking – A weekend of hands on cooking lessons
  • Looking After Your Health – A five-day intensive course including cooking and oriental health diagnosis



5) Moroccan Boxing Workshop

With brands battling for consumer attention, getting noticed can be a tough task in itself – especially in the promotional marketing space.


Out of the box and into the ring

Perhaps it’s time to step outside of the box and develop a unique, distinctive prize that sticks in the mind. A growing spectrum in wellness activities is bringing more choice to the table and giving brands the opportunity to create something truly relevant and remarkable for their target audiences.


The gloves are on

The Fellah hotel can provide just that. This Moroccan resort encourages visitors to step into the ring and put themselves to the test, capitalising on the growing boxing-for-fitness trend and embracing the opportunity to train abroad


“Muscle-sculpting boxing classes are available at all levels in the “art of eight limbs” which focuses on extreme body conditioning as well as mental advancement and core stability.”


This activity is not for the faint of heart, but certainly makes for an eye-catching experience that brings a fresh twist to the average health and wellbeing prize.


Wonderful, worthwhile wellness

This is but a mere handful of the amazing wellness experiences available right now. Globally the industry is expanding, and subsequently, so are the number of unique travel activities on offer. Keeping your feet firmly on the ground when organising a travel prize is essential, however thinking big can inspire ideas and produce incredible returns on investment.

Get your creative juices flowing, find synergies between your brand, product and target audience, and deliver a wellness prize that does something a bit different.  


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