All hands on deck: designing a first class travel promotion

Marketing dominates our everyday lives and exposes consumers to incredible content on a daily basis. Brands face stiff competition, both online and off, to find new and innovative ways to attract consumers and create positive associations.

Demand to travel and uncover new destinations is fierce, with consumers engaging more with brands that offer travel experiences. But far from simply choosing an extraordinary destination, brands face the ultimate challenge of delivering a seamless campaign from start to finish.  


To ensure you execute a first class campaign, here are our top tips for the design phase of your travel promotion. If you need to take a step back, check out our tips for campaign planning.

Be inspired NOT rigid

It’s easy to outline a campaign brief and think that’s you done. But it isn’t.

A brief gives you a powerful platform to launch a successful campaign from. It outlines what you can and should be delivering. But it shouldn’t restrict your creativity.

There’s a plethora of exciting destinations and experiences to choose from, so allow your brand to be inspired. Coming up with several options will save you a whole lot of hassle as there is always the risk that budgets and timeframes can become strained.

Push the boundaries of your campaign to ensure it gets noticed. A travel promotion that aligns with your brand, has a remarkable prize and appeals to your target consumer demographic will go a long way.

But be realistic – it’s always better to underspend than overspend.

Once you’ve honed in on the perfect destination – one that’s relevant, achievable and desirable – you’ll have to allocate the budget accordingly…

  • Transportation: to, around and from the destination. What is going to be more attractive to your audience – airplane, ferry, car… camel?
  • Transfers: from coach transfers to stretched limousines, think outside the box! What will resonate well with your consumer?
  • Accommodation: whether it’s a 5* hotel or a tree-house, do your research and really align the prize with your brand.
  • Insurance: make sure you cover your back and the traveler’s! A special travel insurance is required… for the best value and right cover, call upon expert advice!
  • Currency exchange: if your brand is going that little bit further and offering the winner some spending money, bear the exchange rate in mind.
  • Added extras: with daily exposure to the best of the best, consumers will respond well to promotions that go further than the norm. Excursions, meals out, equipment hire, activity days – enhance the winner’s experience!

Be creative, but stay on brand and in budget.

Use your brief to provide guidance throughout the design phase of your travel promotion, but don’t let it hinder your results.

More than one bridge to cross

Establishing the travel logistics of your travel promotion is an integral stage of the campaign design.

travel promotion


It’s also important to consider where the winners are coming from in the world. Remember to factor in how you are going to get them too and from the event.

A promotion that offers a group prize will play out very differently to one in which there are several separate winners based in different countries…

  • Do the winners require visas?
  • Are their passports in date and valid for travel?
  • Do they have any dietary or food requirements?
  • What time zone are they in and how does this impact the travel arrangements?
  • Do they speak and understand English, or will you have to invest in a translator?

Choosing the right mechanics

When designing your campaign, focus on aligning it with the theme of the prize itself.

Refer back to the brief – from the mechanics to each touch point, think about how it can enhance the message of your promotion.

There are complexities to every sales promotion mechanic – so don’t ignore risk aversion.

Get a grasp of each nuance involved in the development and delivery of the promotion. How will people enter? What details do they need to provide? Does entry require more than just a product purchase?

Untitled design (16)

From instant wins to on-pack codes – whatever the mechanic, your brand needs to spend time planning it out and ensuring consumers understand the rules of entry.

“Without appropriate terms and conditions, people may take advantage of the promotion in some way – so cover all bases and for peace of mind be sure to get the small print approved by a promotional marketing body.”

Cover all the bases to avoid ambiguity and potential legal issues later down the line. Some of the questions you should be asking include:

  • How many times can consumers enter?
  • Is there an age limit?
  • What is the closing date?
  • How many prizes are up for grabs?
  • How will winners be contacted?
  • Will the prize expire?
  • Do you require proof of purchase?

You’ll revisit these questions when you’re organising the prize winner, but thinking about them now will go a long way in terms of campaign success.

Apply each question to every mechanic you use. Being lazy at this stage will only cause problems when it comes to executing the promotion.

Keep it clear

Your promotion is at risk of failing as soon as there is a drop in communication. It’s all about making sure everyone knows where they need to be and when. By aligning your campaign design with an effective brief you will be able to deliver a clear and easily accessible promotion.

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