How Protravel helped SCI-MX to boss their fitness campaign

In our latest case study we give an insight into how SCI-MX used a travel competition to pull off a brilliant sales promotion with the help of our promotional agency, Protravel, part of the Sodexo family.

When it comes to marketing your brand, an experiential reward like a travel competition can certainly help you stand out from the crowd.

SCI-MX knew not only this, but their need to enlist a promotional agency to help with the development, design and delivery of a promotional prize that would successfully supplement their #BETHEBOSS campaign – enter the Protravel team.

The promotion itself was focused on 18-34 year olds with a serious passion for health, fitness and the supplements that facilitate superior performance and recovery. It was publicised across social media, in a bid to engage existing followers, and through sponsored adverts to amplify potential reach.


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The ultimate incentive

With multiple prizes on offer, including £10-£100 SCI-MX vouchers (amongst others), consumers were urged to share videos of them maxing out their physical capacity.

From tyre flipping, to base jumping and circus acrobatics, the promotion really did inspire some incredible entries, from some incredible fitness fanatics.

The buzz was real. But it was the headline prize that really got people talking.

The ultimate incentive… a luxury, dream holiday.

The top 10 fitness enthusiasts-cum-amateur filmmakers made it to the final event (at the Body Power convention in Birmingham). This lucky troop of Boss wannabes then had to sweat it out against each other in a grueling test of strength and stamina, in a bid to become the Boss and win the themselves a trip to Ibiza organised by Protravel.


A seamless dream departure

Maintaining an open line of communication with the winner – from departure to return – and the handling of all travel logistics, were both crucial in the delivery of a seamless experience.

An experience that helped to secure the overall success of the promotion.

Protravel were also given rein enough to arrange additional travel experiences to amplify the appeal of the prize, we demonstrated ‘great account management’ and forged a ‘friendly relationship’ with SCI-MX in the process.

The winner showed immense gratitude for the prize and even submitted the workout routine he used to train for the final – showing what he got up to and how to get ready for the competition. The lucky winner also became quite the brand ambassador too, organically promoting the brand to like minded people across the web.

He still keeps in touch and is an avid customer.


Making the connection

Time and time again, brands have turned to travel and experiential incentives as means of injecting real value into their promotional marketing, and offer quite the effective solution when asking ‘how can I promote my brand?’.

People want experiential opportunities, and desirable getaways can offer just that.


Did you know?


Spain continues to be the top destination for UK residents visiting abroad. With 9.6 million British tourist trips in July 2016 alone (Association of British Travel Agents), the impetus is there for brands to piggyback the trend should there be synergy with their audience.

In the case of SCI-MX’s promotion, Ibiza proved the perfect fit for a demographic of young, vibrant fitness enthusiasts. It was an experience that drove brand engagement and, ultimately, delighted the prize winner.

The campaign enabled the brand to make real connections, with real people via an interactive approach that built lasting relationships and bulked up brand awareness.


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