What we do

We provide inspirational travel and leisure experiences for promotions, rewards and incentives. If your goal is to increase market share, for your brand or your clients, then we can help you achieve this by crafting an attention-grabbing sales promotion that will get product whizzing off the shelf. Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to motivate your staff to reach their targets; what better way to incentivise them than to offer the holiday of a lifetime?

Put simply, we use travel and leisure to shape people’s behaviour and deliver positive outcomes for our clients.

Think you need a huge budget to offer that headline-grabbing dream holiday? Think again! We could you offer the chance to win one of 10 trips to Barbardos…for around the cost of a trip to Bangor with a fixed-fee promotion.

Prizes, Incentives & Rewards

Organising a competition prize, an employee gift or a reward for your members can be a bit of a headache. Why not let Protravel help you get the very best from your budget? Our expert team can help you plan, design and execute your next campaign, whether it’s a Dream Holiday for a sales promotion, or the latest state-of-the-art electronics for an employee incentive programme, start your journey with us.

Travel & Leisure Prizes & Rewards


From spa days and Ferrari driving, to a personal shopper and cookery courses, we can provide you with the perfect experience day for your promotion or business incentive.

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Campaign Fulfilment

From prize and merchandise procurement to warehousing, fulfilment and distribution, we make sure every one of your winners gets what they expected (and saving you a lot of hassle!).

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Our specialist travel team are always on hand should you need extra support or advice along the way.

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Whether you've got a fully prepared brief that you'd like us to take a look at, or you'd just like to talk through some outline ideas, the expert team here at Protravel are here to help. Get in Touch