Prizes and rewards

Of course a fantastic prize doesn’t necessarily have to be a holiday! Giving away a series of smaller prizes, with or without a headline holiday, is a great way to increase engagement by creating more prize winners. We can source just about anything, from travel bags packed full of goodies to hiking boots and tents! We’ll even take care of warehousing, fulfilment and distribution so every aspect of your promotion runs like a dream.

Competition Prizes

Getting hold of a Competition Prize that truly reflects your brand values can be a little tricky...

Incentives & Rewards

Whether you’re motivating a team, or just saying ‘thank you’, whatever your budget we can help...

Competition Prizes

Of course, we’re experts in delivering travel based competition prizes – we’ve been doing that for over 30 years, but did you know that we’re also masters at arranging all of the other stuff too? Whether it’s a gadget or widget to compliment a headline prize, or a spectacular hamper to wow your client, just leave it to us.

Simply tell us what you’re looking for, or just a brief outline of your campaign objectives and we’ll be certain to come up with the goods.

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Incentives & Rewards

Shopping vouchers can be so yesterday! Why not challenge Protravel to design your next employee incentive or staff reward? With a wealth of experience and more contacts that you can shake a stick at, our team can develop the perfect solution, whether it’s travel orientated or not.

Don’t get your next initiative wrong. Get in touch and talk it through with our team – you could be the person that’s the HR in Hero!

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Colourful & Creative

Individually Procured Prizes

Don’t spend hours poring over websites, trying to find the perfect Prize for your campaign. Our specialists here at Protravel can do all of the hard work for you (and most likely get a better deal too!). Get in touch, chat through your needs with one of our experts, sit back and relax.

Complete Campaign Design

If you’re at the start of the planning process, or almost ready to commit, the Protravel team can help you every step of the way. Why not throw a brief our way and see how we can make the planning process easier than you ever thought possible.

Whether you've got a fully prepared brief that you'd like us to take a look at, or you'd just like to talk through some outline ideas, the expert team here at Protravel are here to help. Get in Touch