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How to inspire customer loyalty using audience segmentation

When it comes to rewarding our customers, a ‘one-size fits all’ approach’ does more harm than good. Thankfully, in our digital age, customer segmentation can help you target very specific markets and boost your brand appeal – but, how do you segment effectively? In this eBook, we’ll take you through the customer insights and elements that you need to know in order to master targeted marketing.


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Be the boss: How SCI-MX bossed their fitness campaign and bulked up brand awareness

Time and time again, brands have turned to travel and experience to inject real value into their promotional marketing. People want experiential opportunities, and desirable getaways can offer just that. In this case study, we explore the story of SCI-MX, the health and fitness supplement specialists, who sought to do just this. Covering the current landscape of travel promotions, and the results behind the campaign, you’ll get to know just how SCI-MX (with Protravel’s help) truly bossed their promotional campaign and certainly bulked up brand awareness!



The big picture: Cinema rewards and their starring role in incentive programs

For brands, companies, schools, clubs and institutions there is an incredible opportunity to utilise creative, engaging programs to motivate positive behaviour and pave the way for a brighter future. Businesses and organisations alike have been channelling the magic of cinema to forge meaningful connections with audiences and cohorts for decades. In this eBook, you’ll learn about the value of non-cash incentives, how they can help boost morale and work quality, and read case studies looking at how brands, companies, schools and clubs have implemented non-cash incentives to bring about real change.

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How new technology is driving the promotional marketing industry

As brands continue to push the boundaries of what an effective consumer experience looks like in the promotional marketing space, technological advancements are shaping the future of the industry. From how we communicate and interact with shoppers, to ease of payment and smart marketing, this eBook explores four key innovations in promotional marketing, the big brands already utilising these new technologies, and discusses the real return on investment for those who take the plunge and integrate ‘digital’ into their sales promotion strategy.

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The carrot vs. the stick

In this eBook we explore the delicate balance between rewarding loyal customers, and using penalties to discourage negative behaviours. Topics include consumer behaviour, and the psychology behind punishments and rewards, tailoring your approach to suit your customers and your business, and the impact of customer rewards, and how they can help your business.

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Resetting the mind

We explore travel’s new phenomenon – wellness tourism. More people than ever before are seeking out dynamic relaxation, rejuvenation and escapism. In fact, 71% of travel agents in North America and Europe say consumers are more aware of wellness travel, and the trend has a growth projection of more than 9% per year through 2017. Discover the experiences that matter and what defines the ultimate wellness prize with our free eBook.

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Millennial mindset

We explore the monumental shift in the way the large majority of the global workforce perceives, demands and expects to be treated by employers. This is a new breed – the millennial breed. The Millennial generation has matured and taken up its place in the working world, bringing a wave of new ideas and modern ethos like no other.  This is a reality that employers must adapt to if they are to retain their employees and evoke loyalty to their business. Learn more with our free eBook today.

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Exploring travel

We explore the latest trends from the travel industry and how they can help brands tailor their prizes and promotions to give consumers what they really want. This eBook provides a detailed guide to the promotional travel industry in 2016, whilst offering guidance and insight on how to develop the perfect promotion.




Brands on tour

We explore the absolute must-know elements of running a travel promotion – identifying pitfalls, possibilities and a wealth of brand opportunities. This eBook provides a comprehensive guide of every ‘essential’ when running a travel promotion; from brief to winner management, each element is covered in detail.





Changing behaviour with the power of cinema

We explore why cinema holds such a strong and enduring appeal, how it positively impacts on people’s mood, and how both brands and employers can use the medium to reward and incentivise targeted audiences in a memorable way.

This eBook provides a detailed analysis of the cinema industry in 2016, whilst offering guidance and insight into how film can positively transform the behaviour of consumers and employees.

Changing Behaviour With the Power of Cinema




A level playing field – how every brand can ride the wave of the 2018 FIFA world cup

Hijacking the buzz of an international tournament is by no means a new practice. But what makes one football related promotion stand out from the next? And how can non-sponsor brands avoid foul play to harness the feel good factor?

In this free, unique report you’ll unearth everything you need to know about designing, developing and delivering a spectacular World Cup consumer campaign. We take an in-depth look into the essential elements of a sporting promotion and what it takes to cut through the noise and reach an audience.

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Loyalty schemes: Are they worth it?

In this whitepaper,  we take a look at the real worth of loyalty schemes and whether they’re worth the investment. With increasing numbers of businesses investing in this to encourage more retention and customer acquisition, the research investigates how successful they are in doing this, how loyalty schemes have an impact on the customer journey and how customers feel about being rewarded for their loyalty.

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Savvy cynics – consumer promotions: What shoppers think in 2016

What do shoppers really want from consumer promotions in 2016? Which prizes do they care about? What causes them to associate with a brand? They’re a complex bunch to say the least. We’ve teamed up with industry experts to bring you an in-depth analysis of the modern consumer behaviour and attitudes that surrounds promotional marketing. With responses from 2000 active UK shoppers, we delve deep into what truly makes them tick.

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Blow their minds, not your marketing budget

Reduce risk and maximise impact in your next promotional campaign. By applying some fundamental approaches, you can quickly maximise the impact of your campaigns whilst reducing the financial risk. In this FREE 48 page eBook you will find sound advice from the experts on: 12 effective promotional mechanics, industry tips to reduce risks, how to maximise consumer appeal, successful campaigns from leading brands and getting ideas for your next campaign.

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The entice cheat sheet

All marketers are busy. So, if you’re responsible for customer retention, the last thing you need is a loyalty program that doesn’t perform. It needs to achieve the objectives you set for it; keep customers coming back for more and deliver a return on investment. Here is our checklist for putting together a successful program!

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